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“Mark Nelson is eloquent and supportive. He guided us through big decisions with strategies that were accessible, flexible and served our purposes efficiently. It is this kind of process that will provide our board a baseline that well go beyond the simple few hours we spent at Cambio. Well worth our time and efforts.”


Dominic Bradford,

Montessori Borealis School Director

“Throughout the process, Angela finds a way to move the discussion forward without avoiding the tough questions. She leads the group through the most contentious issues, knowing exactly when to steer the conversation into safer territory and when there is enough energy and consensus in the room to push through a rough conversation.


That talent is key to leading a multi-party process through to a successful conclusion.No voice is ever drowned out and no perspective is ever lost, even in highly charged, multi-party environments.”


Michael Hale, DirectorYG Land Claims Implementation Secretariat



“Ms. Walkley is extremely well organized and energetic with an amazing ability to think quickly and take advantage of breakthroughs in “real time”. She always leaves our group with the sense that something great is in the wind and that we have the ability to grasp it.”


Anne Leckie - Executive Director
Nacho Nyäk Dun First Nation

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