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We facilitate workshops, events and long term processes. 

What We Offer


When you decide to hold a workshop, you’ve got important goals in mind, and you want to be sure that all the participants get involved and contribute to the outcomes.


You want to make sure the important topics get discussed, that conflict leads to constructive results, and that above all, everybody leaves with a greater sense of clarity and accomplishment. This is what we strive for when we facilitate groups.


Our collective experience includes hundreds of workshops in which we’ve guided groups, from half-a-dozen to over one a hall full of hundreds, through highly engaging and participatory discussions.

Why Cambio?


Whether the topic is fish & wildlife management, housing strategies, or waste management we collaborate with you to:


  • help you get really clear about the purpose and outcomes of your workshop/event

  • find and avoid the pitfalls that could inhibit success


  • create space for diverse perspectives and difficult conversations


  • help people get to the heart of what they want to say and keep their input productive


  • guide groups towards decisions that have agreement and can be implemented with the capacity they have.

Project Examples


YESAA Forum and Multi party review


Yukon Museums Roundtable


International Gathering of Pacific Coastal First Nations


Yukon Police Council Public Engagement and Recommendations to the RCMP


Yukon Heritage management intergornmental process


Yukon Housing Action Strategy Symposium


Yukon Literacy Strategy Public and Multi-Stakeholder Engagement


Yukon Water Strategy Workshop


Yukon Intergovernmental Revisions to the Yukon Wildlife Act


Yukon Salmon Summit


All Candidates Forum on the Environment


Yukon Invasive Species Workshop


Self Government Secretariat Workshop on Economic Development Systems


Yukon Renewable Resources Councils Annual General Workshop


First Nations and Mining Industry Symposium


First Nation Integrated Resource Management Workshop


Yukon Agriculture Open-space forum


Raven Recycling Society, Future Planning Forum


Kusawa Park First Nation Elders Visioning workshop

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