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About Us


Cambio has been around for a few years now - since its 2001 incarnation in Ecuador. Its current incarnation has Mark running the Yukon office, while Angela works in British Columbia. For certain projects, we also draw on a few great people with expertise in report writing, research and survey design. 

Mark Nelson

Yukon Partner


It fills me with a sense of achievement and shared purpose to leave a workshop where people feel like something really meaningful was achieved.


I fully believe in the idea that “people support that which they help create” (take a guess who said it and then search online - you might be surprised!).


The more time I have spent facilitating, the more I see the process as an iceberg, with the vast majority of the work coming before the workshop or meeting ever starts. To get the right answers, you must ask the right questions, and I really like to dig into this with clients. I see as a huge part of the value I bring in my work, in addition to the skill to work with groups on the big day.


I started my career working for Yukon First Nations governments in heritage and lands, which came from my background in anthropology. So much of our work there was about building community involvement, and it was an amazing primer for facilitating participatory processes.


Facilitating myself through my life as a husband and father is a whole different side of things (and yet similar, somehow). I’m on that ride here in Whitehorse with my wife and two daughters, who also share me with mountain bikes, skis, hiking boots, fishing rods, rifles, banjos, drums…you get the idea.


I found my way to facilitation and organizational development because I’m fascinated by the mix of of practical technique, personal intuition, and theoretical knowledge involved. I love thinking about what makes people and organizations tick.


I’ve had the good fortune to work with some amazing facilitators in my earlier career, and when I saw them in action, I knew I also had something to contribute.

Angela Walkley

BC Partner/Founder


I work with organizations building their capacity to make decisions, resolve misunderstandings, work through conflict and build their resilience and thriveability.


I offer training in leadership, collaborative communication, conflict resolution and facilitation. I am the founder of several year-long training programs that support people certifying with the Center for NonViolent Communication. 


My approach is to build the skills within the organization, followed by tackling live issues and making critical decisions for moving forward.


I have a varied background in leadership training, organizational development and natural resources management. This reflects my passion for creating opportunities and structure for people to communicate what is important to them and for decisions to be made based on core values and needs. 


I have served a diversity of government, NGO, community, corporate and First Nation clients: tackling challenging Final Agreement projects, piloting initiatives as advisor to the Ecuadorian Minister of the Environment and supporting life transforming changes in community leaders and individuals. 


The personal connections that I make with the people I work with and the connections they make with each other are long lasting and community building. A highlight of this kind of work!


I enjoy supporting people to hear each other and find possibilities where there has been challenge. The projects I have taken on are often complex with many different voices. I love making the complex understandable and workable.


I'm a wife and a mom to two boys. We have a small hobby farm that we are developing on Gabriola Island. I enjoy spending time in the woods, on mountains, near the water, growing food and practicing yoga. 


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